About MSFF

Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival(MSFF) is one of the most prestigious short film festivals in Korea. MSFF differentiates itself from the short film festivals by trying a new concept that short films can also be categorized into a genre. In other words, the basic idea of MSFF is that it would be interesting and fresh to view short films within the genre tradition and also to read against the grain at the same time. MSFF proudly presents a variety of Korea short films annually under the catchphrase of “Beyond the Barrier of Genres.” The festival is held every June in Seoul, Korea, and we are getting ready for the 15th MSFF.
Origin & Organization

MSFF was originally initiated by ‘Director’s CUT’, a committee of established young Korean film directors, who are well-known for their innovative and stylish films that audience loved nationally and internationally. Two selected committee members, who specialize in a certain genre, take charge of each category of genre and choose one finalist in each genre. We have five general sections of films that expand the boundaries of their respective genres: A City of Sadness, A Short Film about Love, The King of Comedy, The Extreme Nightmare and The 40000 Blows.
Our Objectives

The main objective is to support and promote talented young Koreans in the field of filmmaking and to serve as a platform to help them jump up high. Secondly, we are to make the festival interesting a